Website Conversion Checklist

In March we launched our new modern, responsive website in partnership with Flyte New Media.  We are excited to begin upgrading the website for your office!  This form will be used as a guideline for the conversion and to kick off the update process.  Use the images below as reference when filling out the form.

Home Page

Sub Pages

  • Contact Information

  • Who should be our main contact for questions during the conversion process
  • Home Page

    Top Menu

    Check off all the optional items you want.
  • If you want to change "News" to something else, use this field.
  • Main Menu

    Select up to 4 options
  • Homepage Slider Images

    Slider Images must contain people
  • Service Pages


  • Communication Button

  • Sub Pages

  • List additional Commercial services, one per line
  • List additional HOA services, one per line
  • List additional Residential services, one per line
  • List additional Construction Engineering services, one per line
  • List services one per line
  • List services, one per line
  • Miscellaneous

  • For anywhere in the website where office startup date is mentioned.
  • For the Homepage and About Us Page
  • Please copy and paste social media URLs here (one per line)
  • Type the email address that should receive form submissions (Contact Us, RFP, etc...). Separate multiple addresses with a comma.